Full Length Operas of Ondřej Kyas and Pavel Drábek (all in Czech):

Other Music Theatre Works of Ondřej Kyas and Pavel Drábek (all in Czech):

  • Everyman čili Kdokoli (Everyman, 2013), a play with songs, reworked from the radio play for Czech Radio 3 Vltava
  • Leviatan (The Leviathan, 2015), a play with songs, co-written with Mark McLaughlin and Lizzy Steel

Minioperas of Ondřej Kyas and Pavel Drábek (all in Czech):

  • miniopera cycle Horrorroperras of the Elbe River:
    1. The Laughing Head (cantata)
    2. The Elbe (hydrological aria)
    3. The Talking Cow (opera)
  • miniopera cycle Japanese Marriage Minioperas:
    1. The Robber Bride
    2. Husband and Wife on a Boat
    3. The Singing Bridegroom
    4. The Postman or Breeding the Neva Mascarade
  • other sundry minioperas:
    Rübezahl’s Pond
    * The Shoe Heel, the Pinch and the Lady
    Professor Bohr’s Horseshoe
    * The Sweeper of Leaves or The Sudden Disappearance of Autumn
    * The Young Lord
    Two Brothers

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Chamber Operas of Associate Artists:

  • Miloš Štědroň (after Ludvík Kundera’s play): Chameleon (2015)
  • Miloš Štědroň (after Hubert Krejčí’s play): Palacký’s Sorrowful End (2013)
  • Ivo Medek | Alois Piňos | Miloš ŠtědroňThe Cage Affair or Annals of the Avant Garde Open Wide (1995)
  • Lukáš Sommer | Václav HavelEla, Hela and the Hitchhike (2010)