The Ensemble Opera Diversa performs original new chamber operas. We collaborate with a number of composers – so far performing the works by Miloš Štědroň, Ivo Mede, Alois Piňos and Lukáš Sommer. The core of our opera performances are the works of the author team Kyas–Drábek.

Composer Ondřej Kyas and librettist Pavel Drábek have written 4 full length chamber operas, 2 plays with songs and 2 dozens of minioperas. All these works are on the Diversa’s repertoire. The production team that contributes to the pieces are stage director Tomáš Studený, scenographer Sylva Marková and conductor Gabriela Tardonová.

The Ensemble Opera Diversa’s operas are created bespoke for particular performers and particular productions – without the contribution of these artists the works would be different: soprano Lucie Kašpárková, soprano Hana Škarková, formerly soprano Ivana Rusko (née Krejčiříková), tenore Jakub Tuček, baritone Aleš Janiga, basso Jan Šťáva, basso Aleš Procházka and others.