The Ensemble Opera Diversa is a collective of professional musicians and singers focusing on creating and performing innovative music and music-theatre projects. Apart from classical music the core of its activities lies in the operas and music theatre work of the founding members – composer Ondřej Kyas and librettist Pavel Drábek. Since its beginnings in 1999, the ensemble has developed into a music society that realises around thirty music or opera performances every year. Its repertoire comprises seven full-length operatic productions, twenty original minioperas, a dozen bespoke orchestral works and a large number of classical works. The Ensemble Opera Diversa comprises a chamber orchestra, soloists, singers, actors and the small vocal choir Ensemble Versus (led by Vladimír Maňas). The chamber orchestra was founded in 2005 and has been led by its concertmaster Jan Bělohlávek. Every year, the orchestra presents generally five thematic concert programmes in their own production. Individual concerts usually combine 20th century music with new works, predominantly by the in-house composer of the Ensemble Opera Diversa Ondřej Kyas and other affiliated authors. In their search for a refined poetics, the ensemble produces innovative programmes with a special appeal to its audiences. Avoiding banal and notoric pieces as well as the mainstream of contemporary classical music, the Ensemble Opera Diversa’s dramaturgy and musical interpretation aim at a fresh dialogue with the inquisitive listener.

Pavel Drábek, librettist, founder

Ondřej Kyas, composer, co-founder of the ensemble

Sylva Marková, stage design

Gabriela Tardonová, conductor

Jan Bělohlávek, concert master

Vladimír Maňas, dramaturg, sbormistr, od roku 2015 umělecký vedoucí

Tomáš Studený, director

Kristiana Belcredi, director

Lubor Pokluda, finances

Lukáš Baumann, production

Pavlína Lolloková, Lenka Zlámalová, Zdeněk Nečas – production team