The Ensemble Versus was founded in 2003 as a chamber choir of the students of the Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University. Until 2009, we performed under the name „kamuffláž“.

The choral repertoire concentrates on the sacred of the sixteenth (Josquin Des Pres, Pierre de la Rue, Heinrich Isaac, Jacobus Vaet, Jacobus Handl Gallus, Carlo Gesualdo da Venosa, Giovanni Gabrieli) and twentieth centuries (Francis Poulenc, Marcel Duruflé, Bohuslav Martinů, Benjamin Britten, Petr Eben, Ivan Hrušovský), and on the sacred music of contemporary composers (Ondřej Kyas, Alain De Ley, František Emmert)

The Ensemble Versus has come to shape several thematic „sung contemplations“ programmes (Mors et Vita, Ante et Nunc, Laudes Mariae, Vox in Deserto, Epiphania, Passio Christi, Resurrectio Christi). Some of these programmes with the music of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries are realised in collaboration with the wind ensemble Capella Ornamentata (Artistic Director Richard Šeda): the programmes are „Concerti ecclesiastici / The Liturgical Year in the Works of Giovanni Gabrieli and His Central European Contemporaries“, „Parvulus nobis nascitur / Christmas Around 1600“ and „Before the Tempest / The Music of Rudolphus II’s Age“.

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The Ensemble Versus has also collaborated on larger vocal and instrumental projects such as a production, conducted by Andreas Kröper, of Mozart’s and Salieri’s Requiems with the Concertino Notturno Prague Orchestra and soloists during the Smetana Days in Pilsen (2009). With the Ensemble Opera Diversa and the choir Vox Iuvenalis and soloists, we produced the premiere of Ondřej Kyas’s Stabat Mater, conducted by Jan Ocetek (March 2010 and September 2012). With conductor Andreas Kröper, the Ensemble Versus and the Ensemble Opera Diversa produced the modern premiere of Antonio Salieri’s Festive Cantata in Náměšť nad Oslavou in September 2010. In June 2012, we gave premiere productions of Ondřej Kyas’s Magnificat and Hana Škarková’s „Duše pout Emílie“ Cantata; and of the Brno premiere of Peter Zagar’s Apocalypsis Ioannis (in September 2013), both projects conducted by Tomáš Krejčí. In October 2014, the Ensemble Versus performed a premiere programme of Peter Graham’s Sacred Concerto and Ondřej Kyas’s Te Deum Laudamus.

The choir was founded by Vladimír Maňas with the help of Veronika Hrůzová. Since its establishment the choir has been supported by the Department of Musicology, Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University. In 2009, the Ensemble Versus became part of the Ensemble Opera Diversa.

The current singers of the Ensemble Versus are:

Anna Kryštofová, Ivana Píchová, Marie Rosová, Zuzana Raiczová, Jana Tebichová, Lucie Tisoňová (sopranos), Anna Dubská, Barbara Neničková, Ludmila Němcová, Jana Šuplerová, Lenka Zlámalová (altos), Marek Javora, Jan Kožnar, Jan Mareček, Vojtěch Schlemmer (tenors), Adrian Hundhausen, Pavel Blažek, Lukáš Rýdlo, Libor Skokan (basses).

More information on the Ensemble Versus Website.